Betting History Overall Total 840 Point Profit

Here is my previous logged Betting History. 7 Sets of 100 Bets, and 350 bets here in 2012

Overall Advised total was +298 Points which is ok over about 1000 bets. The ROI is just over 12%, which is gone down a good bit from my previous 20% but still acceptable.

2012 this site had a poor end to the year with -42 points in total. (luckily this has been made up last year as we are 170 points in profit, but just goes to show the swings involved in longer prices horses.

In 2014 it has been up and down as usual but the flat season was a disaster and only a big end of the year scraped us back in profit of 1 point for the whole year. I will be reducing my stakes on the flat from now on, as almost all the profit is coming from NH and ill have to finally take notice of that.. Also EW bets are generally an ROI killer so there will be very few of those from now on.

2015 Has broken all records with a silly 320 points profit

We had a big start to 2016 as well with a couple of big priced winners in January for a 34 point profit.


1 thought on “Betting History Overall Total 840 Point Profit”

  1. First I’ve only just discovered this site (unfortunately for me). Great site and very educated race analysis.
    Although I haven’t looked at the individual results, which could tell a different tale, the headline of a better than 20% ROI over 700 bets is outstanding. Well done.

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