It was the first year I made a loss punting on course at the festival as long as I can remember. There was a number of big priced placers, including Tullamore Due/Captain Sunshine/Double Ross/Oiseau de Nuit put up as selections here. On course I also had a couple more on course  including Celestial Halo and Swincombe Flame, which along with the above kept the wolf from the door.

Of my Antepost Selections the 2 I was most confident of were Chapoturgeon & Boston Bob. The Ground change ruined any chance the Chapoturgeon had and as we saw Boston Bob fell in the last when In command.

I got lucky with a few multiples online which I had put in as insurance in case of short priced winners, which of the about 10 done 3 came up. Hurricane Fly/Quevega/Sprinter/Salsify (which I done to backup my Chapoturgeon bets) and a nice last day insurance bet of Our Conor and Bobs Woth (both of which I thought were under-priced, although Our Conor hit 9/2 on course). I also had the first day shortie Treble of Fly/Quevega/Simonsig which was  insurance for my silly confidence in Overturn which was seriously unfounded.

All in all the few multiples more than made up for losses but when they weren’t selections I made I wasn’t bothered about returns and I won’t be doing these insurance bets again. Still it was nice enough to get back and have decent funds in online accounts.

The highlight of the festival for me was Hurricane Fly, and Our Conors win in the Triumph. The way he just blew past Diakali on the turn for home reminded of the commentary on that famous Breeders cup Arazi win a good few years ago “He’s Gone right by him”

The selections here including my Antepost bets that ran made a loss of 9.5 points, which could have been much worse but for getting placers at big prices in the last 2 races.