It been a tough year this year but thanks to a very decent run of results and luck were back in profit. Ill attach a graph to show everyone what happens trying to pick big priced winners.

My original target is 66 points a year for 3 years average to double a 200 point bank, so if we can run average until December that looks achievable. Of course there will be a reduction in bet size until the Hennessy in a lot of cases as it can be a difficult time of the year.

Not included in the figures of course is my advise to combine the 3 AOB runners in the ARC and I’m still loosing sleep over that, as i didn’t specify an actual bet amount on my early email and didn’t update later on.

Were on a generally upswing since the start of Royal Ascot of over 100 points from our low point of the year.

The main issue this year has been the lack of EW bets placing, and that has caused havoc with the figures. Ill have to limit the EW bets, which is something i used to do in the past.

There in an issue with staking as well at times, in particular My Murphy, who i waited a year to have a bet in the Tyestes and ended up only having 1 point EW. There is a few examples like that. Its the first year i can remember that none of the real big horses for the year have won yet, like Guitar Pete, or Shogun and a few others that i though were certain to pick up wins at good prices.