I’m going to change my way of betting for about 1 year from this weekend. Although I’m near 20% ROI for almost 10 years of posting tips. I think up to 300-400 tips a year is just too many to follow.

For 12 months I’m going to only tip the ones I feel are madly overpriced and see how that goes. No more 50/1 shots that are 33/1.

The total bets I’m aiming for over the year is about 40. Anyone who actually reads my analysis would realize that there is often a huge amount of confidence compared to normal (suedois during Goodwood was an example), and in going to try and only go with those for the year. By definition they will all be more or less max bets.

When I look over figures if I just stick with Aidan O’Brien 2nd and 3rd choices and the very few lower than 3/1 shots I pick the ROI would be mental. From what I can see I’ve only had about 2 losers from about 16-18 picks over 2-3 years at lower than 3/1 7/2. Most of these were in the 2/1 3/1 range as well.

It will mean there will be many weekends with no bets.