Del Mar 7:37

Washington DC looks to be in the process of running a good race last time till he got sandwiched late on. This race could really suit him. He will need the luck in running but I think Lady Aurelia could setup the race for him to get involved. She seems impossible to beat here but its very short for a race that requires a silly amount of luck. I’m going to go for a couple of tiny tricasts here at huge prices as well

1 Point EW 25/1 betfair/paddy/boyles/fred

BET365 Tricast 1 Lady 2 Washington 3 Marsha ½ Point 74

BET365 Tricast 1 Lady 2 Marsha 3 Washington ½ Point 52


Del Mar 9:00

Nezwahh has had a nice light season could be a lot better on this ground and my guess is she will improve a huge amount for her last run. 20/1 is too big.

1 Point win 20/1 Paddy/Betfair

Del Mar 10:19

When In Rome and all that, I fancy Ribchester, Lancaster Bomber and Zelzal here so I’m going for a few tricasts at huge prices for fun.  1.5 points total

¼ Point win Tricast 365 Rib/Lanc/Zel  255

¼ Point win Tricast 365 Rib/Zel/Lan 234

¼ Point win Tricast 365 Zel/Lan/Zel 407

¼ Point win Tricast 365 zel/rib/lan 304

¼ Point win Tricast 265 Lan/Zel/Rib 437

¼ Point win Tricast 265 Lan/rib/zel 352


Del Mar 22/58

Us Navy Flag  could well be out of sight here from stall 1 and 9/1 seems very big. He has had a busy season but has only improved with each run.

2 Points win 9/1 betfair/paddy/888