I’ve been running this website now for 3 years with very decent overall results (probably some of the best around to be fair), and as can be seen from my Long term results page I’ve been tipping on various other forums now for 5 full years.  The results are there for everyone to see. I believe I have a few unique points in looking for value which is proven over now thousands of selections.

Anyone following these tips will realise than I’m probably tipping the longest average prices of almost anyone around and it’s in this area of the market that the most value is to be found. It does have the negative of possibly very long loosing spells which is to be expected when tipping for example, a 40/1 chance that has in reality a 25/1 chance of winning. I would suggest a 200 point back would be needed for anyone wanting to follow these tips with almost no risk of ruin as the lowest minus value I’ve had in over 5 years has been -150 points, which was actually clawed back in two weeks with a number of big winners.

Obviously things have been going very well this year with nearly 300 points profit from 450 points invested and 315 bets, giving a rather silly ROI this year of 66%. This is obviously not sustainable in the long term and the average ROI over 5 years is now slightly above the 20% mark. In general I have been beating Betfair Starting Price to an average of 20% less than advised (about 15-16%) over that time as well which augurs well for anyone wanting to get on a decent bet on selections, along with the fact that I generally only tip in big races on Saturday or the main festivals like Cheltenham, Ascot, Goodwood York etc. so most tips I will give will have a very liquid market.

My plan for anyone wanting to work of a decent size bank is to plan for a doubling of the 200 point bank within 3 years. Taking any 3 year spell over the last 8-9 years’ of tipping (I have been tipping longshots for longer than it has been done in an organised way) would have easily accomplished this and in fact it more than likely won’t take that long but 3 years and a combined 100% return will beat any other investment that can be made easily at the moment and is a fair target to go for.

I had started up this website a few years ago in the hope that I could land a nice job for Saturdays to perhaps tip on a website, or Newspaper but that looks highly unlikely despite consistent results. So From the 1st of September I’m going to start a Private service and will be charging about the lowest fee in the market as I’m not in this to make my living, (I’m a partner in a successful IT Company), but in general I’m not a gambler really and don’t back a lot of my selections, so I’m really only looking to benefit somewhat from the amount of time spend analysing races etc. The fee is £10 per month and will be for a 12 month subscription by default as with my average prices taking only 1 month of selection wouldn’t give anyone a decent picture. This PayPal subscription can of course be cancelled at any time if anyone feels the service isn’t for them. Selections will be emailed or texted and there will also be a twitter warning of selections. I may use the fact than it now going to be a private service to add some before race bets on Betfair to suss out value available in long priced horses near the off as the price often extends out to far on many horses in that range.

£10 pounds a month is well within the range of the fun punter as well and given that my average profit over the 5 years is at least 10 points a month profit, anyone sticking with the service will be making an average of €90 per month on a €10 a point selections. There is also the aspect that it is just more fun to have a huge price winner every so often and getting the excitement of a big price runner going well in a big Saturday handicap.

Good luck to anyone that decided to join and thanks to anyone who made nice comments in the past on the websites.

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