Well I’ve done up my results for Last year and it was a ridiculous year from the start. From 453 Bets using 641 points we have made a 320 advised profit with is a 50% ROI. This ROI is fairly obviously not really attainable in the long term but just goes to show if your luck is in and a few of the really big price ones win instead of getting placed the profits from these longshots can be huge.

We had 48 winners which is just outrageous. Highlights are Wicklow Brave which was one of my most confident bets ever at 33/1 and obviously Qualify at 100/1 in the oaks.

Once the 300 point mark was near that figure was all i wanted to get for the year as i’m pretty sure that will never happen again. Thanks to a silly point from The Hennessy to So Fine’s 33/1 success we broke it with 20 points to spare.

Since we went to a subscription service we are 30 points in profit for the year, which is hardly earth shattering but makes the service well worth keeping up at a cost of only about £1.10 a point profit. We have also navigated the annual worst part of the year with out loosing our mind.

For the year ahead i’m stupidly confident about a Handicap Horse for Cheltenham and also I’m waiting for NRNB in more than 1 place to go for a very confident bet in one of the championship races.

There are some pretty big staking mistakes again this year, in relation to not putting enough points on my bets of the year, and perhaps staking too much when the ground is very poor.

Anyway after that year ill be under some pressure to try to beat that but realistically an annual profit of 66 points is the real target for each year as i’ve made a promise in the original subscription statement that ill double any 200 points bank over 3 years.

I think the big advantage of this service is, because all the tips are in bigger races its always easy to get on for decent bets and we are also beating BSP now for  a long time at about 15%-20% which is very good for anyone who likes to bet big.